Granite and Stone Gallery natural stone split face wall cladding and mosaics in Perth. We offer an extensive range of natural stone wall cladding materials manufactured from Travertine, Marble, Granite, Slate & Quartz which can be used in many ways.

You may be looking to revamp an existing wall, adding a special touch to a water feature, an entrance statement to your home, cladding a BBQ, fireplace, pizza oven even a TV surround to name a few. We have some of nature’s finest natural stone materials right here in Perth in a slew of colours and finishes, ensuring that your finished product will look elegant and classy for years to come.

Did you know that our natural stone split face wall cladding and mosaics can actually be installed by you as DIY. For those willing to complete this task we will offer the right advice on how and what adhesives to use, alternatively we do have skilled tradesman that can undertake this for you.

For further information on the right colour, materials and general advice do not hesitate to contact Granite & Stone Gallery for your next wall cladding project in Perth.


  • 150 x 75 x 30mm
MARBLE - Pamukkale & Black Olivine
  • Random Lengths x 100 x 30mm
TRAVERTINE - Pewter, Nutmeg, Philadelphia & Classic Cream
  • Irregular Rock Face
Sausalito, Monterey, Calabasas & Sierra
  • 300 x 300 x 10mm
SLATE - Natural Stone
  • 300 x 300 x 12mm
TRAVERTINE - Various Colours


We can custom order your purchase with the many types of materials, sizes and finishes that are available to suit a wide range of applications.

Please browse through our website and contact us with any questions

* Disclaimer: Natural products are a naturally occurring material as such and may vary in colour, veining and texture. Please consult with Granite & Stone Gallery prior to your next purchase and we highly recommend a quality impregnating sealer to protect your stone.